Lip Balm Keychain DIY

December 17, 2019

Lip Balm Keychain DIY

Lip Balm Keychain Sewing Tutorial

There's always time to make a few gifties and use up your fabric scraps. I love these cutest little lip balm keychains. Attach them to backpacks, purses, or jacket pockets.

Follow along with the blog post, watch the video, and print/save the PDF basic instructions at the end of this post for your next fabric scrap destash.


Required Supplies:

Scrap Fabric          Keyring          Safety Pin Pattern          Lip Balm


1. Cut a 4” x 6” scrap of fabric and a 3” x 3” piece for the tab. You can make a lot of these fast so making a template from oaktag can help to measure and cut fabric. I still use a ruler but I like my template as a reminder. I keep it with my scrap fabric.

 2. Fold 3x3 tab piece wrong sides together (WST) and press. 

 3. Open the fold and fold each side into the middle and press again.

 4.  Fold in half again and edge stitch down each side. Set the finished tap aside.

 5.  Fold the 4x6 piece in half lengthwise RST. Sew down the length with 1/4” SA. Turn right side out and press.

5. Tuck one end in on itself 1/4”.

6.    Fold the tab piece in half an insert into the tucked end and pin to hold in place.

7.     Fold up the bottom edge 1/4” and then fold up again 1” below the top edge. This creates the pocket for the lip balm.

8. Slide the tab onto the keyring and add the lip balm!

 PDF Basic Instructions for Lip Balm Keyring DIY


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