Free shipping with the purchase of 3 kits!
Free shipping with the purchase of 3 kits!
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How It Works

Do I need a sewing machine?

Yes! Plus, an iron and an ironing board. Optional, but super-duper useful supplies would be a rotary cutter and a cutting mat. A rotary cutter is included in the Tic-Tac Pillow kit but you must already have or purchase the mat separately. Some boxes may require the use of common household items such as a straight edge, ruler, or chopstick.
What sewing machine do you recommend?

I have the Brother CS6000i. It is a great machine and can be found here.

There is a whole series of YouTube specifically for this machine at This is an amazing site that walks you through the sewing machine manual from start to finish. I highly recommend this website. Check it out for other machines also.

I have an old sewing machine that I no longer have a manual for. Can you tell me how to use it?

While all sewing machines generally work on the same principle each machine has its own specifications. Most machine manuals are easily locatable online and many include instructional videos. Troubleshooting problems and/or understanding how the machine works is the responsibility of the sewist.

Is this a subscription?

No! You may purchase one box at a time. You will receive a 10% discount if you purchase three boxes at a time.

Can I return a box?

What?! Why would you want to do that?

No, seriously, if the box is absolutely not for you, you may return the box within two weeks of receiving it if it's in new, unused condition. Shipping charges are not refundable.

What if I don’t like what’s in my box?

This can happen. Certain colors, fabrics, and notions are not to everyone’s liking, however; the main purpose of the sewing box is to provide instruction and practice of new sewing techniques. My hope is that the box will be a great jumping off point and you continue to hone your skills using your own choice of fabric.

Is this box only for children?

Absolutely not! The instructions are geared toward any beginner who would like to learn how to sew. The box is for anyone 9 and up who wants to learn to sew.

What is in a box?

Each box contains supplies accompanied by written instructions (can be a brochure or a PDF file) plus a video link that walks you through each step of the project. Use the box to learn a technique, practice things you already know, increase your confidence, and become inspired to tackle further projects.