Reversible Headband Sewing Tutorial

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Reversible Headband Pattern and Sewing Tutorial

Yay! It’s Fall…sort of. Southern California style. Temperatures dip to the 70s and then back up into the 80s. You all know I’m Canadian, right? I’ve lived here for 20 years and still can’t get used to basically one season. But, enough about the weather.

This is the first in a little fabric scrap busting series. I’m making small patterns to improve my computer skills and these scrap busters come in handy for my sewing classes when students are between projects. Follow along with the video tutorial but first, scroll to the bottom to grab the pattern and one-sheet abbreviated printable instructions.


 Required Supplies:

Fabric                     Pattern                   Plastic Headband

Thread                   Interfacing              Needle for hand sewing          Safety Pin

Gather your supplies. I bought my headbands here. I wanted a lot for my students so I bought in bulk but you can usually find packs of 3 at any discount store. The 1/2" size works very well for this project.

Print the pattern (scroll to the bottom for the free PDF pattern) and cut out the pieces. I've included a separate pattern piece for interfacing. Use your favorite or any lightweight fusible interfacing. I generally use this interfacing and have both black and white.

Fuse both wrong sides of the main fabric. Use two different fabrics to make it reversible.

Place right sides together and sew along the length of each side with a 1/4" seam allowance. Leave a 1/2 inch opening on one short edge to leave room for tucking and hand sewing. Trim the seam allowance down to 1/8".

Use a safety pin to turn right side out.

Tuck in the short end and edge stitch around three sides. Slide the plastic headband inside and tuck the more open end in on itself and hand sew the opening closed with a running stitch.

You are done!! Enjoy and make several more for you and your friends. Happy Scrap Busting.

 Reversible Headband Sewing PDF Pattern

 Reversible Headband One Sheet Sewing Instructions




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