Super Easy DIY Fabric Bookmark Scrap Buster

Hi Everybody,

Today's blog post is another scrap buster. A super easy bookmark pattern with so many options for creativity. Plus, if you need a lot of these bookmarks, they are perfect for sewing "assembly line" style.

FYI - you can get 8 bookmarks from one fat quarter which I use in the video tutorial. After calculating the cost of fabric and interfacing it works out to be around 80 cents/bookmark. Add some bling and it's a really cute little something.

It's not totally necessary to use a pattern but there's one included in this post. Scroll to the bottom for your free pattern plus one-sheet PDF instructions. Follow the photo instructions and also check out the video.


Super Easy Bookmark Instructions

Required Supplies

Fabric                     Pattern                   Pinking Shears

Double-sided fusible interfacing  Ribbon


1. Fold over your fabric and trim the selvedge. No need to square up if you're using scraps.

 2. Cut strips 2.5" wide. If you have any extra strips from your jelly rolls these would be perfect to use also.

3. Lay the strips flat and use the pattern to trim the short ends. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 with other fabric to make the bookmarks more interesting.


4. Trace the interfacing (IF) pattern on to fusible IF of your choice. I used double-sided. Totally recommend for ease in this project.

5. Sandwich IF between two strips of fabric wrong sides together. Trim the top edge with pinking shears. Get these if you don't have them. You will use them!

6. Insert ribbon, press to fuse, and sew around the edges with a 1/4" seam allowance. Trim each side with the pinking shears and that's it!

Get super creative with your bling, applique, or motif fabric. And, get our your (fiber arts) book and read.

 PDF Bookmark Pattern and Instructions

PDF One-Sheet Instructions

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