Square Pincushion Tutorial

Square Pincushion Tutorial
A Short, Easy, Sewing Project to While Away Some Time

Another perfect little scrap-buster project that can be a pincushion, pattern-weight, or hand warmer. See the list of alternative fillings. Scroll down for photo instructions or just watch the video!




1. Use charm pack leftovers or cut 5 x 5” fabric scraps. Place 2 squares RST.

2. Cut the squares in half vertically and lengthwise.

Cut squares into four RST

3. Sew the four squares on one side with a ¼” seam allowance.

3.A. Use the chain piecing method of sewing the squares. Chain piecing is assembly-line style sewing where you just push the next block under the presser foot without cutting the thread. The only difference here is that you must backstitch at the beginning and end of each little block. The blocks are small and need to be turned right side out which creates some stress on the seams. The backstitch will prevent the seams coming apart during turning.

4. Cut the four squares apart and press seams open. Put one section of squares RST with another to make a four square with alternating quadrants and sew with a ¼” seam allowance. Press seams open.

5. Place your back and front four squares RST and sew around four corners but leave a 1” gap in the middle of one side for turning.

6. Trim the corners on the diagonal.

7. Turn right side out and push corners out with a pen, chopstick, or corner turner tool. Trimming the corners reduces the bulk of fabric and allows for sharp, pointed corners. Fold the opening in on itself and press.

8. Fill with walnut shells* using a paper funnel. Roll a half sheet of paper on the diagonal to make a funnel.

9. Hand sew or machine stitch the gap closed. I prefer hand-sewing with a ladder stitch as I’m working to get better at it and practice makes perfect. If using the machine, you may need to reduce the amount of stuffing to fit under the presser foot. Use a smaller needle for hand sewing and a larger one for adding the button.

10. Add a button on either side of the pincushion. I used embroidery thread for ease and stability. Knot your thread and pull through on the pincushion. Add the button and push the needle through to the bottom to attach the second button. Sew around the buttons until they are secure and pressing into the pincushion. Tie off under one button and bury the thread.

*Alternative fillings are rice, beans, glass beads, poly-fill, etc. You can easily turn this project into hand warmers by using 100% cotton fabric, cotton thread, rice, and leave off the buttons!

Happy Pinning!


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