DIY Fabric Ribbon Flower Tutorial with Video

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DIY Fabric Ribbon Flower Tutorial and Video

Hi Everybody,

Here's a quick and easy fabric ribbon tutorial that you can hand-sew in just a few seconds. Flower ribbons for everything! Scroll down for photos or go straight to the video tutorial.



Cut a 4" piece of ribbon. I used this Waverly Ribbon that already has pleats in it but straight ribbon will work just as well.

Use a running stitch through the ribbon.


Pull the thread to gather the ribbon and sew the edges down. Just a couple stitches it all it takes.


Put a dab of glue in the center. I used hot glue because it holds quickly but any glue will work.

Cut a small circle of felt and glue to the back of the ribbon flower.


Add a brooch backing now if you like.

Make lots and lots! You can make brooches or glue the flowers on to your quilted zipper bags.

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