Ironing vs. Pressing and Why it Matters

April 10, 2019

Pressing vs. Ironing in Sewing

The iron and the sewing machine are best friends!



Iron the fabric? Why should I do that? It isn’t wrinkly. True! When you iron, you’re pushing and gliding the iron over an article of clothing with the sole purpose of getting the wrinkles out.  

Pressing, on the other hand, is a very specific technique and is super important in the construction of a well-made garment. It’s also one of the pieces of sewing advice that often goes unheeded. So, to add to the choir of voices already singing the praises of the iron: don’t skip the pressing!

So, what exactly is pressing, anyway, and, why is it so important to sewing? Pressing is just that - pick the iron up and place it down on the fabric, usually along the seam lines but also in hemming, sleeves, and neckbands. Every bit of your sewing can be pressed. The up and down motion of pressing melds or fuses the thread with the fabric. Pressing allows you to manipulate curves, straighten lines, and the results from pressing tend to make all your sewing look more professional. Always, always, use your iron. The iron and the sewing machine really are best friends!

Below is a short video demonstration of the difference between ironing and pressing.


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