How It Works

Is this a subscription?

No! You may purchase one kit or several at a time. You will receive free shipping if you purchase three kits at a time. Free shipping does not apply to charter school purchase orders. 

What is the difference between a kit and an instant download?

The kit contains fabric, thread, and other sewing notions to complete the project and the instant download contains the instructions and video only. You can use your own fabric and supplies.

When do kits ship?

All kits ship within 1 - 2 weeks of ordering. Instant downloads are just that - available right upon order receipt.

Do I need a sewing machine?

Some hand sewing kits are available that do not require a sewing machine. Others are sewing optional but many kits do require a sewing machine. If you can access one you can learn to sew with these kits.

What sewing machine do you recommend?

I recommend any sewing machine you can afford. Look for Singer or Brother entry level machines. Try out machines at a sewing machine dealer and check reviews on line.

What is your return policy?
Due to the nature of the product, there are no returns or refunds for any kits purchased. I hope that you use the kit to practice your skills or you may have a friend that you can gift the kit to if you are unhappy with the fabric or notions.

What if I don’t like what’s in my kit?

This can happen. Certain colors, fabrics, and notions are not to everyone’s satisfaction, however; the main purpose of the sewing kit is to provide instruction and give a sewist practice of new sewing techniques. My hope is that the kit will be a great jumping off point and you continue to hone your skills using your own choice of fabric.

Is this kit only for children?

Absolutely not! The instructions are geared toward any beginner who would like to learn how to sew. The kits are for anyone 9 and up.

What is in a kit?

Each kit contains supplies accompanied by PDF written instructions accompanied by step-by-step photos plus a video link that walks you through each step of the project. Use the kit to learn a technique, practice things you already know, increase your confidence, and become inspired to tackle further projects.