Sew Straight Lines Box - Art Supply Wrap

Learn to sew a pencil wrap case for kids.

This is a DIY sewing kit. It contains fabric for two (2) machine sewing projects, plus super sewing tools and notions, plus written instructions, plus a video tutorial.

This is the best box if you are brand new to sewing. You will learn to sew lots of straight lines - I mean LOTS! Get your sewing practice in on this super cute art case wrap. Use the additional fabric to sew more straight lines and customize your own wrap.

*This is not a finished product. You are purchasing a sewing project kit.*

**In addition to the written/photo and video instructions, I also offer a 15 minute video call to solve any sewing issues pertaining to this project. Please email me to set up your call.

Free Shipping with the purchase of three boxes!

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