Wool Appliqué Stitching - Eyelet Wheel Stitch Instructions

Photo of a wool penny with eyelet wheel embroidery

The eyelet wheel stitch can be used alone or in combination with other stitches. This stitch is very easy and looks really amazing. Try it with different thread weights and colors. Read on for photo instructions or watch it on YouTube:


Step 1

Bring your needle to the front of your work at the edge of the appliqué.

photo of a wool appliqué penny mat with needle on top for eyelet wheel stitch

Step 2

Take a stitch back and come up again through the first hole.

photo of step 2 in wool appliqué eyelet wheel stitch

Step 3

Pull through and put the needle in at the center and up and equal distance away from the first stitch.

Step 3 in wool appliqué eyelet wheel instructions

Step 4

Pull through and take a stitch back and then through the most recent hole at the edge of the appliqué.

Keep repeating these steps to get all the way around your appliqué shape.

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